Ravines Medical Centre welcomes a new doctor

The Ravines Medical Centre, located at 535 Larry Uteck Boulevard, is pleased to welcome Dr. Maged Gerges M.B.B.Ch,MSc, CFPC to the Family Practice. He joins the Ravines Medical Centre after serving as a General Practitioner at the Halifax Infirmary. Dr. Gerges instructs courses in advanced trauma life support and has a special interest in musculoskeletal […]

Regan calls for secure CAP funding

Liberal MP Geoff Regan urged the government Monday to provide stability for Community Access Program (CAP) centers. The Halifax West MP said the centers play an important role in providing internet access for rural areas, access to online services for seniors and computer training for individuals and small businesses. However, it is unclear whether the […]

“On the First Day of Christmas”…says the RCMP

“On the First Day of Christmas Crime Prevention the RCMP told me…….Remember the 4 P’s of counterfeiting when purchasing gifts for the family.” RCMP Federal Enforcement Section reminds citizens of the following tips to help identify counterfeit items: 1) Does the price reasonably reflect the value? Is the price “too good to be true”? 2) […]

Fraud myths

Most fraud victims don’t tell anyone what’s happened to them because they’re embarrassed to admit they’ve been duped. In fact, it’s estimated that only 5% of victims report the crime. That’s problematic because failure to report fraud is the number one reason why scams spread so quickly and harm so many people. Frauds today aren’t […]

Shoppers should take extra precautions

Halifax Regional Police would like to remind shoppers to take extra precautions at this time of year. There is typically an increase in thefts from motor vehicles during the holiday shopping season, particularly around malls and department stores. Shoppers are encouraged to park in well lit, well travelled areas. If it is absolutely necessary to […]

HRM Tree Lighting special for Bedford South School

This year’s HRM Christmas Tree Lighting event at Grand Parade (in front of City Hall) has special significance for Bedford South School. All 50 giant Christmas ornaments adorning this year’s tree have been designed and painted by some of their students. Students in grades eight and nine completed this project under the direction of teachers, […]